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Cleveland Humanities Festival to focus on health

Posted on January 24, 2018

For the past few years, and led by the Baker Nord Center for Humanities at CWRU, the Dittrick has participated in the “Cleveland Humanities Festival.” The original lasted only a week, but three years along and the festivities span two months in the spring of the year and incorporate institutions from all around the city and other parts of Northeast Ohio. The festival seeks to “engage the public in addressing some of society’s most challenging issues and pressing concerns.” For 2018, the Cleveland Humanities Festival explores the roles of health, health care, and the medical in culture and society from a variety of perspectives in history, literature, and the arts. As you might imagine, we are incredibly excited to be part of this year’s theme, and even the logo offers up an image from a book in Dittrick’s collection, Essai d’anatomie, by Jacques Fabian Gautier D’Agoty, 1745.

As part of this year’s festival. The Dittrick will be coordinating with the Social Justice Institute on our first spring “Conversation” lecture, “The Babes were Silent: Infant Mortality and Public Health,” on March 29. Brandy, who gives the short history talk, will be joined by a panel of experts in the community on issues then and now. Brandy will also be taking part in a Lakeview Cemetery Trolly tour as part of the Cleveland Humanities Festival on April 7th; called “A Tour Through Disease,” the event explores the illnesses and calamities that befall Cleveland residents. Additionally, Dittrick will offer its annual Percy Skuy Lecture on Contraception also under the theme of health, and in partnership with the Schubert Center for Child Studies.

For more information and to register for events please visit: Upcoming events page

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