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Brandy L. Schillace

Senior Research Associate, Public Engagement Fellow

Brandy Schillace, PhD, serves as Senior Research Associate and Public Engagement/Public Programs Fellow for the Dittrick Medical History Center (CWRU). Previously a faculty member at Winona State University in Minnesota, Dr. Schillace has taught in the Case Western Reserve University SAGES department, as well as at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, and has given lectures at Cleveland’s University Hospital. A medical humanities scholar, she continues to serve as chief editor of the review blog MedHum | DailyDose, and as managing editor for Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, a cross-cultural medical anthropology journal.

Recent publications include the co-edited collection UNNATURAL REPRODUCTIONS on “monstrous” birth across time and genre (Cambria Press) and DEATH’S SUMMER COAT, exploring cultural approaches to death and dying (E&T UK, Pegasus US). Reviews have appeared in the New Yorker, the New York Times, and Boston Globe. Brandy’s current work–CLOCKWORK FUTURES (Pegasus)–explores the science and history behind “steampunk,” that clockwork world of gadgets, gizmos, and Victorian debonair. You can find her TEDx talk here. Brandy also writers for Huffington Post, InsideHigherEd, H-net, and Centre for Medical Humanities and has been an invited speaker for the University at Buffalo, University College of Dublin, Manchester University, the New York Academy of Medicine, Little Atoms Radio, various podcasts, and Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum. (Her author site may be found here).

In her current role at the Dittrick, Brandy works to build bridges with other institutions, to promote networks and memberships, to raise funds, and to reach the surrounding community through programming and outreach. Museums provide a gateway, a means of accessing the practical utility of humanities in action: our history, art, and culture exist to be shared. In addition to aiding in the development of museum exhibits and lectures, she plans and manages Conversations and Mixers, two public engagement series at the museum. In the mode of Cleveland City Club round-tables, Conversations begin with a brief 15 minute presentation (by Dr. Schillace) and are followed by a dialogue among expert panelists. Questions are encouraged, and each session concludes with a period of open round-table discussion. What laid the groundwork for anatomy instruction? How did we get from Sherlock to CSI? When did birth become “hospitalized”? What were the ramifications of the Comstock Acts (making birth control illegal in the US)? And, more importantly, how do these fascinating histories continue to change our world and shape our experiences? Videos of previous years may be found here. Mixers have evolved into meet-and-greets for members and visitors, usually with an entertainment component. This past season, Dr. Schillace gave a presentation called “mystery concoctions” on forensics history and bathtub gin! …while dressed as Eliot Ness, who happens to be buried in Cleveland’s Lake View Cemetery.


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CLOCKWORK FUTURES (Available Sept 2017, New Release)



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