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Funded Proposals

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Student Name (first)

Student Name (last)



Project Title

Semester Awarded

Emily Berry Communication Sciences Religious Studies Religion on Campus Spr 04
Veena Goud Biology Art Studio /Anthropology Ethnography of HIV/AIDS Policy Makers in an Indian Urban Setting Spr 04
Daniel Gray Political Science English Daniel Gray for Democratic Delegate 2004 Spr 04
Jennifer Lyden Chemistry / Sociology Psychology An Analysis of University Circle, Inc. Spr 04
Nancy Pratt Kantor International Studies Religious Studies Intensive Arabic Language Course in Egypt Spr 04
Carmen Rowen English Spanish / Communication Sciences IES Summer Program in Salamanca Spr 04
David Ziegler Economics / Mathematics Political Science Publicly Financed Nonprofit Social Services and the Effects of Public Choice Spr 04
Jason Alford Psychology The Mind’s Capacity for Learning Language Spr 04
Taroon Amin Management / Health Systems Economics / Chemistry China–Emermging Legal and Economic Structures Spr 04
Robert Arons Economics Churn Effects of Minimum Wage Increase Fall 04
Andrew Karnavas English Italian / Chemistry A Culture of Film:  Italy, its Films, and its Film Festivals Fall 04
Katie Steiner Art History / English The Munich Experience Fall 04
Katherine Voss Spanish / International Studies Chemistry Foreign Study in Seville, Spain Fall 04
Michael Henry Biomedical Englineering Macromolecular Science and Engineering / Philosophy International Research Ethics Spr 05
Jennifer Molher Art History Anthropology Rockshelter Archaeological Field Spr 05
Amanda Perkins Psychology Biology / Chemistry Academic Achievement of Children Diagnosed with ADHD:  The Effects of Medication Spr 05
Rachel Pope Anthropology Chemistry A Child’s Perspective of the World Spr 05
Alexander Vikmanis English Biomeidal Engineering Travel and Research for Novel: <Deletion is Intense, So Much Rain> Spr 05
Danielle; Puiyee Gartner; Cheung Anthropology / Evolutionary Biology; Anthropology / Biology Chemistry (Cheung) Applying Global Concepts of Environmental Consciousness to our Campus Community Fall 05
Jacqueline Greene Political Science Women’s Studies / German A Comparative Study of Reproductive Health Education and Provision for Poor Urban Women in South Africa and Zimbabwe Fall 05
Rachel Pope Anthropology Chemistry International Women’s Health Fall 05
Trevor Scheetz Economics / Psychology Spanish / Music A Modern Investigation of Status Consumption Fall 05
Ryan Starks Economics Entrepreneurial Studies Emerging India:  Economic Growht in the World’s Largest Democracy Fall 05
Matthew Wholey Spanish / Chemistry Questioning National Identity in Post-2001 Argentina Fall 05
Josh; Ilir Angelini; Kalemi Anthropology; Chemistry Italian/Geology and Italian / Economics Making Italian Dialects Accessible to Students Spr 06
Kate; Maya Bobak; Brown Psychology; Psychology Improving the Assessment of Mental Health Needs in Children from Low Income Families in Northeastern Ohio Spr 06
Joan Chase Economics / Political Science What Lessons Can Cleveland Learn from the Dutch? Spr 06
Tejasvi Pasupneti Biology / Anthropology Perspectives of Rural Ghanaian Women Regarding Malaria Spr 06
Sandhya Ravichandran Chemistry Anthropology / Mathematics Projects Abroad Medical Anthropology in Cochambamba, Bolivia Spr 06
Trevor Scheetz Economics / Psychology Spanish / Music Modern Gender Role Stereotypes Spr 06
Mark Augustine French and Francophone Studies Architecture and National Monuments in Cameroon Fall 06
Brady; Lauren Boccucci; Miller Communications Sciences; Communications Sciences Music (Miller) Acoustic and Articulatory Analysis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech Fall 06
Stephen; Brian Brandstetter; Jones Chemistry; Chemistry Italian / Math; Classics A Comprehensive Study of the Sociocultural Relevance of Roman Aqueducts Then and Now Fall 06
Christine Chambers English / Political Science French / Music Issues of HIV/AIDS in the U.S. and the Netherlands Fall 06
Nkolika Erokwu Political Sciene Politics and the Media Fall 06
T.J.; Tim; Andrew Gainley; Koch; Fixell Theater / Dance Group Training in Long-Form Improvisation:  The Cutting Edge of Modern Theater Fall 06
Rachel Kroner Political Sciences / Sociology Speech Deficits in Individuals with Prader-Willi Syndrome Fall 06
Ebony Merritt Sociology / Public Health Crossing Borders, Building Bridges Fall 06
Aaron Shaffer Cognitive Science / Communication Sciences Website Usability and Affect Analysis Fall 06
Jordan White History / American Studies Political Science Emerging Realities of Transnational Sexual Violence: Sexual Violence in Keny and the U.S. Fall 06
Tim Beutler Classics Biomedical Engineering Healing Temples and Doctors in Ancientn Greece Spr 07
Hannah Cha Economics Political Science / Music The Darfur Crisis from the Arab World Perspective Spr 07
Lauren Groesbeck Art History Classics Buddhist Grottoes of the Wei and Tang Dynasties Spr 07
Mieon Han English History Shinto:  Japan in Language Spr 07
Jane Kaminski Political Science International Studies State Department Internship Abroad Spr 07
Alannah McCarthy Theater / History Midsummer at Oxford Spr 07
Michael Molinaro Communiation Sciences Childhood Studies Animated Speech Therapy for Children Spr 07
Anita Sadhu Philosophy / Biochemistry Brazilian Capoeira:  Explorations in Alternative Aggression Spr 07
Natasha Schimmoeller Public Health / Bioethics Chemistry From Curriculum to Community Advocay: A Multi-Institutioanl Comparison of HIV/AIDS in Education Models in Cape Town, South Africa Spr 07
Michael Suglio Political Science / Psychology Communication Disorder Sciences A Documentary Film Spr 07
Andrew Willson Theater / English Royal Academy of Dramatic Art SUmmer School Spr 07
Krishna; Jeff; Phil Surapeneni; Zabinski; Niles Economics / Chemistry; Biomeidcal Engineering / History / Philosophy of Science; Economics Chemistry (Niles) HIV/AIDS Testing in Rural Kenya Spr 07



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