Ethnic Studies

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Ethnic Studies is an interdisciplinary program which develops fundamental skills in critical and global thinking and in comparative analysis, as well as an understanding of the interactions of race, class, gender, and sexuality in the experiences of a range of social groups. It is designed to bring together a community of students, faculty and staff devoted to the transmission of knowledge and the discovery of new ideas in the field of ethnic studies. Ethnic Studies also offers diverse perspectives that challenge monolithic thinking about the formation of identities and societies.

Film Director Olayinka Hassan to show The Antidote of Life

Date posted: October 21st, 2014

Already established in her career as a chemist, Olayinka Hassan wanted to express herself in the arts as well as in the sciences. To combine both passions, Hassan went back to graduate school to earn an MFA in film directing. …Read more.

Richard Blanco Lecture and Poetry Reading

Date posted: October 15th, 2014

After the re-election of President Barack Obama, Blanco was chosen to serve as the fifth inaugural poet of the United States, following in the footsteps of such great writers as Robert Frost and Maya Angelou. …Read more.

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