Amman, Jordan, Liana Kabins ’18

International Studies majors are encouraged to study abroad.  CWRU offers a variety of programs ranging from visiting a foreign country as part of a CWRU course, to enrolling in a summer foreign language program, to spending an academic year at a foreign university.  Many majors complete both short-term and long-term programs.

Courses completed during study abroad can be used toward the area, topical, and elective requirements for International Studies.

Students are encouraged to explore study abroad options early.  Students should request an appointment with a CWRU Study Abroad Advisor in the Office of Education Abroad and share their area, topical, and other interests in advance of the meeting. Schedule an appointment on the Office of Education Abroad homepage. Study abroad advisors provide guidance about selecting a program, obtaining CWRU credit, financing time abroad, and planning to live overseas.  Students will also find it helpful to seek the advice of the International Studies director and CWRU faculty who share their interests.

To see where the International Studies majors are studying abroad in 2017-18, view our interactive map.