Judaic Studies

Speaker’s Bureau

The Wroxton Speaker’s Bureau is made up of the invited participants who make up the Wroxton Symposium. Invited participants include historians, ethicists, philosophers, experts on theater, art, film, music, women’s studies, post-Holocaust theology, and questions relating to other forms of genocide.

If you a seeking a speaker related to the Holocaust and genocide, Wroxton Speaker’s Bureau may be just the answer.
Speakers are available for schools,museums, service organizations, and business groups to have access to some of our experts. Our speakers are prepared to talk about many subjects, and details of expertise can be found on the attached resumes.

For questions on information about scheduling one of the Wroxton experts as a speaker, just browse our list of topics and titles and fill out the request form.

Fees for speaker’s services vary according to each speaker and locale. The Stephen S. Weinstein Symposium at Wroxton College provides names and resumes as an access point for programming, and interested parties are invited to contact each speaker directly if necessary. The Stephen S. Weinstein Symposium at Wroxton College is also available to plan more comprehensive programs.

Our experts are from the following countries: USA, Canada,Belgium, UK, Germany, Italy, France and Sweden.