Women's and Gender Studies

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Bachelor of Arts

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program offers a major leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. The program offers a sound course of study with a disciplinary concentration grounding the program’s interdisciplinary objectives. Up to six credit hours in required or elective courses for another major may also be applied to the Women’s and Gender Studies major. In the two required courses, students become fluent in current tools of research and interpretation employed in women’s and gender studies. These two “core” courses are 201 and one from the list below:

WGST 201/HSTY 270/ENGL/PHIL/RLGN 270 Introduction to Gender Studies 3
One of the following:
WGST 301
Women, Creativity and the Arts
WGST 318
History of Black Women in the U.S.
WGST 326
Gender, Inequality, and Globalization
WGST 353
Women in American History I
WGST 365
Gender and Sex Differences: Cross-cultural Perspective
Elective courses: WGST majors must distribute their courses among the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. They must take at least one course in each of these three areas. In two of the areas, they must take two courses. Consult one of the program’s academic representatives with questions about the curriculum. Majors and minors in WGST may also conduct an Independent Study (WGST 399) and/or a SAGES Capstone (WGST 396) with program faculty. 24
Total Units 27


To help ensure a comprehensive course of study in a particular area of interest, each student’s combination of courses and the structure of an independent study must be approved by one of the program’s academic representatives.

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