5 Questions: Dr. Nicole Keefe, CAS ’10

Nicole Zimmerman Keefe, CAS '10

Nikki Zimmerman Keefe, CAS ’10

How did your education prepare you for what you are doing today?

A biochemistry degree laid a strong foundation for the early classes in medical school, many of which focus on the concepts I learned in undergrad. This allowed me extra time to be able to shadow different specialties and do volunteer work in med school since I was already ahead of my peers. Furthermore, the research projects I was able to perform in undergrad helped pave the way for the research I am currently involved with in residency.

What is your greatest professional accomplishment or recent professional accomplishment of note?

I am currently in residency in diagnostic (DR) and interventional radiology (IR) at the University of Virginia. As a medical student rotating in IR, it was obvious that there were a paucity of resources catered towards students. Over the past year I, with three leaders in the field of IR, have developed a textbook (~700 pages) to fill that void, pending publication in March. Our hope is that this will serve as a great educational resource for students and help inspire them to pursue a career in IR.

What programs do you support at CWRU and why?

At CWRU I participated in several organizations including Relay for Life, Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity, and Swing Club. Everyone you know has been touched by cancer in some way. Relay for Life was an amazing event that I helped organize which really made me feel like Case was helping make a difference for cancer treatment and the greater Cleveland community. PhiDE helped welcome me into the field of medicine, allowing me to explore different specialties, meet different colleagues across the country, and fund-raise for the Children’s Miracle Network. While it may seem that all I did was medicine, I looked forward to Swing Club every week. We participated in local community dances and even competitions (which of course the girls’ team won).

Do you have advice for current students?

College is one of the only times where you are able to readily explore many avenues of life, be it through classes, clubs, volunteer work or exploring the city. Take advantage of this freedom and don’t be shy. You will work for the rest of your life. Use this opportunity to find something that engages you and use your education at CWRU to launch you into an amazing career.

What is your favorite memory and/or spot on campus?

There are way too many good memories at Case to pin down one. Pierce 3rd floor… it’s where I met my husband and our best friends that we continue to see. Nord… nowhere better on campus to get in a good nap. Carlton Commons… swing dancing is what helped me really break out of the box. Fribley… no one makes better brownies.

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