5 Questions: Joseph Discenza, CIT ’88 

Joe Discenza, CIT '88

Joe Discenza, CIT ’88

How did your education prepare you for what you are doing today?

Despite my math degrees, I rarely do anything harder than algebra in my job as a software engineer. Between their logical rigor and my theater classes, however, I find myself well prepared to put together persuasive presentations when called upon.

What is your greatest professional accomplishment or recent professional accomplishment of note?

I’ve always been quite pleased with a couple of interpreters of mini-languages that I’ve written.

What programs do you support at CWRU and why?

The math department and the Case Men’s Glee Club are my favorites.

Do you have advice for current students?

Outside your major, be as broad as you can. I took theater, music, Russian, psychology, philosophy, and anthropology classes outside the math and science requirements.

What is your favorite memory and/or spot on campus?

The Spot was a great hangout, with pool, video games, great fries, cheap beer (drinking age was 18), live bands (sometimes I was in the live band).

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