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5 Questions: Vin Tangpricha, CAS ’92

Vin Tangpricha, MD, PhD

Vin Tangpricha, MD, PhD

How did your education prepare you for what you are doing today?

My undergraduate education at CWRU prepared me very well for my future career as a physician scientist. My major in biology and anthropology were a perfect combination for a career in medicine. I especially want to highlight the mentoring by my former biology professor Dr. James Zull, who gave me an opportunity to study parathyroid hormone as an undergraduate student which provided me the initial building blocks as an academic physician scientist today. I also am grateful to the anthropology department and faculty including Drs. Jill Korbin, Melvyn Goldstein and Cynthia Beall at CWRU, as understanding how a patient believes a disease occurs is very important in my daily practice as a physician.

What is your greatest professional accomplishment or recent professional accomplishment of note?

My greatest accomplishment as a current faculty member at Emory University’s School of Medicine is mentoring other students who then become accomplished faculty members themselves. I am paying it forward for the great mentoring that I received as a Case undergraduate.

What programs do you support at CWRU and why?

I support biology and anthropology for their outstanding opportunities afforded to Case undergraduates.

Do you have advice for current students?

Look at the big picture beyond undergraduate school. The undergraduate years go pretty fast. This may be the last time you can take a different class on a field that you don’t know much about. I took an introduction to anthropology class on a whim and really enjoyed it that it turned into a second major for me.

What is your favorite memory and/or spot on campus?

The most memorable moment at CWRU has to be Greek Week! Go Sigma Nu! 


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