Medical Museums Past Present Future

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 Edited by Samual JMM Alberti and Elizabeth Hallam

Medical museums continue to fascinate and disturb. A unique collaboration of curators and scholars provides unrivalled access to international collections of preserved human and animal bodies, and instruments used in the pursuit of well being. The Dittrick Museum is included in this anthology in Chief Curator James Edmonson’s chapter entitled “The Dittrick: from doctors museum to medical history center”.

This bold, eclectic anthology features many previously unpublished images and untold histories, opening up new perspectives on the past, present and future of medical museums. For the curious, medical museums are among the most intriguing places in existence.

This book introduces a range of fascinating collections from across the globe, demonstrating the wide diversity of their holdings. The book reveals how medical history impacts everyone alive, and how very lively are the concerns of the dead.

~Dr. Ruth Richardson, author of Death, Dissection and the Destitute

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