Tales of Contraception: A Museum of Discovery {Hardcover}

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By Percy Skuy

The Percy Skuy collection includes a wide range of contraception items, prototypes, and manufacturing devices. The Dittrick maintains a collection of literature on the topic, including primary source material as well as historical writings.This book, written by Percy Skuy, details the history of IUCDs.

From an article series, original published in The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada online newsletter:

“Contraception—a topic clouded by innuendo for centuries and the butt of significant negative legislation well into the 20th century. In Canada, it was a criminal offense to advertise or offer for sale such products up until August of 1969.”

“On a different level of significance, it was in 1965 that the first glimmer of what was to become the largest retrospective in the world describing the history of contraception was initiated. From just a few items utilized in a lecture given by myself on modern methods in contraception, the collection has grown to well over 700 artifacts…”

– See more at Newsletter Summer 2013

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