Past Recipients



  • Eva Barrett

Project Title: Capstone Research Project “Glenville Riots in Cleveland” 

As a Traub Fellowship awardee, Eva used her award funds to support expenses associated with her capstone research this summer, which describe the effects of the Glenville riots on Cleveland, OH residents. Her goal was to build upon what she had learned through archival research as a student assistant with the CWRU Social Justice Institute. In addition, she hoped to explore the relationship the relationship between memory and trauma as it related to the riots, as well as explore the common idiosyncrasies that developed from the trauma regarding how different citizens view law enforcement, police brutality and rioting. Her project was used as her departmental seminar and capstone presentation in order to fulfill requirements of her history degree.




  • Ellen Kubit

Project Title: Research Project “Evaluating Sexual Violence Prevention in Ohio”

As a double-major in political science and English, Ellen Kubit used her Traub fellowship award funds to support expenses associated with her project entitled, “ Evaluating Sexual Violence Prevention in Ohio.” Her project design relied on a three-tiered approach to understanding how Ohio handles sexual violence prevention. As part of her project, she examined the critical statistics, judicial response, and several legislative measures to make sure every branch of the state government was giving maximum attention to preventing sexual violence. With this data, she hoped to create a reliable evaluation of how well or how poorly Ohio approaches sexual violence prevention.

  • Madison Ivan 

Project Title: Research Project “Prostitution in Cleveland 1865-1920” 

Madison Ivan used award funds from her Traub Fellowship to support expenses for her research project, “Prostitution in Cleveland 1865-1920.” As part of her project, Madison spent the summer going to archives around Cleveland examining various historical documents such as police records and newspaper articles.

You can view Madison’s final project here.