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Richard Campen (MGT ’73)

The George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation

Thalia Dorwick (FSM ’66, GRS ’73)

Nancy Bush Gassler (GRS ’67)

Malcolm H. Gissen (ADL ’65)

Marian A. Gruber (WRC ’74) and Walter Montgomery, PhD

Clark Leslie

Bryant S. Mason (ADL ’70)

Harold D. McRae (ADL ’65)

Mario M. (CLC ’67) and Dana (FSM ’68) Morino

The Eric and Jane Nord Family Fund

Alan H. (ADL ’72) and Gail Paley


Bryant S. Mason (ADL ’70) Emerging Scholars Endowed Fund

The Kent H. Smith Charitable Trust Endowed Fund for the Emerging Scholars Program

The Richard A. Thompson (ADL ’65) Memorial Fund

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The Joan C. Edwards Charitable Foundation