KSL Research Guide: Research Data Management

Research data management (RDM) comprises a set of practices—including file organization, documentation, storage, backup, security, preservation, and sharing—which affords researchers the ability to more quickly, efficiently, and accurately find, access, and understand their own or others’ research data.

To find out more please visit the Kelvin Smith Library’s links below:

For more information regarding Research Data Management please visit:http://researchguides.case.edu/RDM/home

For information regarding Data Management Plan Policies by Federal Funding Agency please visit:http://researchguides.case.edu/RDM/DMPpolicies

Data Management Plan Tool: http://researchguides.case.edu/RDM/dmptool

KSL Research Guide: Open Access

Open access publications means free access for readers and not free to publish.  Publications costs can be covered through a variety of business models.

To find out more please visit the Kelvin Smith Library’s links below:

The Need for Open Access: http://researchguides.case.edu/c.php?g=17878&p=98776

Tapes of Open Access:http://researchguides.case.edu/c.php?g=17878&p=958361

For more information please visit:http://researchguides.case.edu/c.php?g=17878&p=98776

Writing Resource Center

Do you know about the support available to faculty through the CWRU Writing Resource Center (WRC)? Consider tapping in to this resource to facilitate your grant writing today!

  • WRC consultants are composed of English Department and SAGES faculty members who have Ph.Ds. in English literature, Composition or other Writing Studies fields.
  • The WRC supports faculty writers across the university by offering up to two hours/week of individual writing consultation services.
  • WRC Consultants have experience working with all types of CWRU faculty on professional documents, including grant proposals, CV’s, and articles for publication.
  • The WRC is currently supporting faculty on an ongoing basis through the Faculty Development Office’s NSF CAREER Grant Writing Program, 2017.

Contact the WRC for assistance with writing your grants or publications via email at writingcenter@case.edu.

Commonly Requested Information

To view commonly requested information about CWRU such as DUNS number, overhead rates and fringe rates visit: https://case.edu/research/sites/case.edu.research/files/2018-05/CWRUInfo.pdf 

Other Helpful Resources

A guide to building a framework for a compelling and well-structured case for support:  http://www.parkerderrington.com/get-the-framework-in-place-quickly/