Elena Fernandez

Lecturer in Spanish

DELE Exam Coordinator, Accredited DELE Oral Examiner

Certificates in Spanish for Professions Coordinator, Accredited Certificates Oral Examiner

Elena Fernandez is a Spanish native from Asturias, Spain. She joined Case Western Reserve University in the year 2000.  She teaches Elementary, Intermediate, and several advanced courses such as Advanced Conversation, and Composition. She created two courses in Spanish for Specific Purposes–Spanish for Medical Professions and Spanish for Business–that she has been teaching for over 15 years. Since 2016, Elena has expanded her field of expertise in Spanish for Specific Purposes by developing and teaching Medical Spanish summer courses for the Physician Assistant Program at Case Western Reserve University. Elena also tutors students of various age groups–including homeschooled children and young adults.

Elena graduated with a Master’s Degree in Spanish from Cleveland State University.  She completed several courses toward the Teaching Certification license, as she is passionate about consistently refining her teaching approaches. For this purpose, she has completed the following coursework in Spanish Teachers education:

  • Teaching Specific Students in Particular Contexts
  • Motivation and Dynamics for the ELE
  • ICT in the Teaching of Spanish as a Second Language: pedagogic practice and implementation classroom
  • Geographies of Spain: linguistic and cultural variation in the Hispanic world
  • Corrective Feedback on Oral Production in the Classroom
  • Spanish as a Foreign Language: motivation, strategies and activities in the ELE class.

As part of her involvement in class methodologies that foster students’ increased performance and well-being, Elena attends class management workshops regularly, from syllabi creation and improvement to perfecting assessment in the classroom.

Elena seeks professional development opportunities while bridging the gap between high-school and college Spanish. She acquired valuable expertise in standardized tests in Spanish as a trainee and rater for the Presentational Speaking part of the AP Spanish Language and Culture exam. Elena is the IFSPEC’s DELE Test Coordinator and Oral Examiner for proficiency levels A2-B1, and as such, has been fully accredited by the Cervantes Institute. Elena also serves as Test Coordinator and Oral Examiner for Medical and Business Spanish Certifications, and is accredited by the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid.

Guilford House 316