JDST 101: Jews and Judaism- Jay Geller- MW 12:45-2:00

This course provides an introduction to Jewish religion, culture, history, and life.  It does not presuppose any previous study of Judaism or experience with Judaism, and it prepares students for additional coursework in Judaic studies, Jewish history, or religious studies with an emphasis on Judaism.  Required for the minor in Judaic Studies.
Offered as JDST 101 and RLGN 213.

JDST 233: Introduction to Jewish FolkloreJudith Neulander- TR 1:00-2:15/2:30-3:45

Exploration of a variety of genres, research methods and interpretations of Jewish folklore, from antiquity to the present. Emphasis on how Jewish folk traditions and culture give us access to the spirit and mentality of the many different generations of the Jewish ethnic group, illuminating its past and informing the direction of its future development.
Offered as ANTH 233, RLGN 233, and JDST 233.

JDST 268: Women in the Bible: Ethnographic Approaches to Rite and Ritual, Story, Song, and ArtJudith Neulander- TR10:00-11:15

Examination of women in Jewish and Christian Biblical texts, along with their Jewish, Christian (and occasionally Muslim) interpretations. Discussion of how these traditions have shaped images of, and attitudes toward, women in western civilization.
Offered as RLGN 268, WGST 268, and JDST 268.