JDST 173: Introducing JudaismAlanna Cooper– MW 12:45-2:00

This “topics” course offers an introduction to the academic study of Judaism. Whether approached through a particular theme or as a general historical introduction, each section of this course provides students with a general introduction to the academic study of religion and basic religious literacy in Jewish religious tradition, exploring forms of it in a diversity of cultural contexts around the world.  Section topics could include, but are not limited to:  Festivals and Holy Days, Women and Gender, Jewish Ethics.  Students may repeat the course for credit (up to 6 credits), provided that the two sections are different.
Offered as RLGN 173 and JDST 173.

JDST 220: Jewish Traditional Art and ArchitectureJudith Neulander- TR 10:00-11:15

Tradition and transformation in Jewish artistic expression over time and across space.  Course will begin with biblical period and continue down to the present day in Israel and America.  Examination of how concepts such as “Jewish” and “art” undergo change within the Jewish community over this period.
Offered as ARTH 220 and JDST 220.

JDST 228: The Jewish Image in Popular FilmJudith Neulander- TR 1:00-2:15

This course will explore film as social practice from the flickering silent era, through Hollywood’s Golden Age, to the techno-dazzle of today. Standing at the confluence of society, history, ideology and culture, students will come to understand how popular film is shaped by, and how it actively shapes, the constant reconstruction of Jewish identity in the American mainstream.