JDST  220: Jewish Art and Architecture

Alanna Cooper-MW- 12:45-2:00

Tradition and transformation in Jewish artistic expression over time and across space.  Course will begin with biblical period and continue down to the present day in Israel and America.  Examination of how concepts such as “Jewish” and “art” undergo change within the Jewish community over this period. Offered as ARTH 220, JDST 220, and RLGN 220.

JDST 255: Global Judaism: Diversity Across the Jewish World

Alanna Cooper- MW-3:20-4:35

Scattered across the globe over the course of millennia, Jews’ diverse histories and environments have given rise to a great range of religious, cultural and social forms. Using ethnographies as our primary texts, we will think critically and comparatively about Judaism and Jewishness in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia.  Along our journey, we examine how Jews have navigated their experiences as minorities in their many diaspora homelands, and how they have they adapted their cultural and religious practices to the various environments in which they have found themselves.  In addition to exploring their Jewishness vis-à-vis others, we also examine questions of exclusion and belonging that Jews have faced as they have encountered each another in recent decades through tourism, mass migration, globalization, and the internet. How do the world’s varied Jewish groups – who are of different skin colors, who speak different languages, and who carry different historical memories – navigate ethnic divides, race relations, and religious diversity? Should we speak of a single Jewish religion and Jewish people at all? Offered as ANTH 255, ETHS 255, JDST 255 and RLGN 255.

JDST  371: Jews Under Islam and Christianity

Jay Geller-MW- 12:45-2:00

This course examines the social and political status of Jews under Muslim and Christian rule since the Middle Ages.  Themes include interfaith relations, Islamic and Christian beliefs regarding the Jews, Muslim and Christian regulation of Jewry, and the Jewish response. Offered as HSTY 371, JDST 371 and RLGN 371.