Most departments need to create a variety of print publications such as newsletters, flyers, event postcards and so on. These publications represent your department, program, college and the university as a whole. This page outlines the university’s branding guidelines in order for you to create cohesive, professional publications and provides some basic guidelines for designing and printing your publications.

Evaluate your best publicity vehicle – resources such as social media outlets, websites and email can reach a wide audience and are sustainable and cost-effective. If you feel that a printed piece is a necessary addition to your publicity outreach, there are a few options to consider.

Do It Yourself

If you are creating your own print piece, be sure to follow the university’s branding guidelines, which can be found on the University Marketing and Communications website.
Here are a few examples of different flyer templates that you can use as a starting point.

University Branding Visual Guidelines

  • College of Arts and Sciences logo: Use the College of Arts and Sciences version of the CWRU logo to anchor your program to the college and to the university.
  • Font: Titillium is the official university font for print and web content.
  • Colors: The university has three official colors:
    • CWRU Blue
    • CWRU Gray
    • CWRU Black
  • Open frame graphic element: All university marketing materials are distinguished with the “open frame” graphic element.

Basic Guidelines

  • Keep your information short. Drive your audience to your website or contact point as much as possible.
  • Utilize CaseLearns classes at Kelvin Smith Library (KSL) for Adobe software used for designing. This will help you to be comfortable using the appropriate software. Keep in mind that if you send something out for printing by a professional, they may require a specific file format from one of the Adobe software programs.
  • The Freedman Center at KSL is a valuable place to go and get help with any software or design needs.

Design and Print Resources

The university’s designers are free, so contact them first if you will not be designing yourself. However, because the university’s designers and printing services consistently manage a very high volume of projects, third-party vendors may be a necessary option for intensive or time-sensitive projects. Before you choose a designer and/or printer, there are a few things to consider:

  • Your budget: Draft a budget for your project before you begin. Determining how much you have to spend on publications will allow you to better decide which, if any, resources you can use. Decide how many pieces you need to print. Consider having extras to distribute because the cost per piece decreases as your quantity goes up.
  • Get a quote: Read Section 3 on “Bids and Quotations” in the University Procurement Policy. In order to get the best deal on a design or printing job, you should explore several vendors and get quotes from them so you have all of the necessary information to make an informed decision.
  • Mail houses: Some designers and printers offer a mailing service; however, be aware that the costs for these services may not be as low as using a recommended mail house. You would tell the printer, or designer if they are printing for you, to send to the mail house for mailing. The printer will deliver the piece to them, you can submit your mailing address workbook directly to the mail house, and they will take care of the mailing for you.