Siddharth Hariharan ’19

Where are you from?

Edison, New Jersey

What are your majors?

Political Science and Biochemistry with a minor in Chemistry

Why did you choose to study this subject?

I knew that studying biochemistry would give me a good foundation with which I could pursue a medical career, building on my career interests in the life sciences. However, I’ve always been interested in politics, and was curious how studying political science would allow me to find an intersection between the health sciences and politics.

What is your favorite class/faculty member, and why?

My favorite faculty member is my political science advisor, Professor Pete Moore. I’ve only taken one class with him, but I had a great time in the course and he’s been a great mentor and friend throughout my undergraduate experience.

Why did you choose CWRU?

I chose CWRU because I could tell it would give me the best opportunity to grow and challenge myself in ways I hadn’t anticipated. Looking back, my time so far has certainly lived up to that, and I’m sure my last year here will be more of the same.

What do you like best about CWRU?

Hands down, the people I’ve met here are the best thing about CWRU. I don’t think you can find this blend of unique, driven, and intentional students anywhere else. Friends and faculty alike have helped me become the best version of myself and experience the best that CWRU has to offer.

What do you like best about living in Cleveland?

Cleveland’s food scene is pretty underrated by people who don’t know about Cleveland, but since coming here I have fully come to appreciate the variety and high quality of food in the area. No matter what the craving is, chances are there’s a top notch restaurant that’ll satisfy the itch.

Describe any research projects, study abroad, internship or other unique experiences and opportunities you have had as a result of being a CWRU student.

As a result of being a CWRU student, I’ve been able to travel to and attend leadership conferences designed at tackling issues in college campuses and shaping the leaders of the future. I can confidently say I’m a stronger leader now than I was before thanks to these opportunities.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

On campus, I’ve been involved in CWRU Model United Nations since my freshman year. I served as the team’s Secretary-General, and most recently, as President. I additionally have been involved in Greek Life on campus since my first semester. A proud brother of Beta Theta Pi, I served on various roles in my chapter before joining the Interfraternity Congress as the Vice President of Recruitment, and now, as President.

What are some of your interests and hobbies?

I like to say that my first true love will always be soccer, so I’m always ready to kick a ball around. I also enjoy cooking in my spare time, exercising, and traveling when I get the chance. I’m hoping to have some big trips planned in the coming months!

What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment so far?

I think my biggest accomplishment so far has been creating the first ever Model United Nations conference hosted here at Case Western. Over 500 high school students from the Northeast Ohio area came to campus to compete and debate relevant sociopolitical issues over two days. It was amazing getting to work with my team for over a year to prepare for the conference. Seeing the end result was one of the most fulfilling moments of my undergraduate career.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In 5 years, hopefully I will find myself with a wider breadth of experiences. I hope to be in medical school studying to become a physician, but building on my earlier experiences before medical school in the business world to create a more broad picture of what healthcare is and can be. I wouldn’t mind living in a east coast city either – New York, Washington D.C., and Boston all top my list.