News from the Director

Seeking Potential Partnerships:
Our WGST program is always looking to collaborate with partners nationally and abroad so if you have any initiatives you’d like us to be part of, we are certainly interested! There are currently many scholars from China, Turkey, and Brazil in particular who receive grants for their sabbaticals from their home institutions and / or home countries that fully fund them at a host institution in the US. This is how WGST hosted Professor Jun Lan from Shaanxi Normal University last year and we’d welcome more scholars like Jun who are interested in WGST.
Also the Center for International Affairs has already helped WGST to formalize two MOU’s (one with the aforementioned program in Jordan and another with the Institute for Women in the Arab World at Lebanese American University in Beirut). These MOUs open up possibilities not only for collaborative research but also for applying for grants that will help these partnerships to grow in the future. Please let us know if you are envisioning a partnership in which you would like the program to be involved.
Best regards and thanks for your continued support,