In Memoriam

Aretha Franklin Along with the rest of the country and the world, the WGST program mourns the loss of the legendary singer / musician, Aretha Franklin, whose music became associated with some of the most crucial turning points in American history: The civil rights and feminist movements, the peaceful protests and the memorial service for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the funeral of Mahalia Jackson, the inauguration of Barack Obama, etc.



Dr. Rula QuawasIt is with great sadness that the Women’s and Gender Studies Program announces the premature death of Dr. Rula Quawas, our esteemed partner in Jordan for the course WGST 349: The Arab World Experience. Dr. Quawas founded the University of Jordan’s Center for Women’s Studies in 2006 and since 2012, she was working tirelessly to give our CWRU students who travelled to Jordan for the course the best possible experience. Dr. Rula was at Case in 2013 where she gave an unforgettable lecture about women in Jordan to a full house. During her visit, she met with classes and discussed our partnership with professors and administrators alike. Dr. Rula was an outstanding scholar and entirely devoted to her students. There was simply no one like her; she can never be replaced and she will certainly never be forgotten.