Spring 2023-WGST/PHIL 325 Philosophy of Feminism

Philosophy of Feminism MW 12:45-2p L. Benton

This course will explore selected philosophical constructs, conceptual frameworks, and methodological approaches within different feminisms. We will interrogate some of the more significant theoretical and social debates in the fields of Women’s and Gender Studies and Philosophy, as students consider how to engage and utilize these ideas in their own work. Students will therefore think critically about different forms of intellectual production and scholastic inquiry in fields that are now quite broad and interdisciplinary. As the course progresses, students will develop a working vocabulary around key analytical and theoretical concepts and terms such as “standpoint epistemology,” “lesbian feminism,” “sex wars,” “feminist phenomenology,” and “womanist theology.” Another central aim of the course will be to examine the methodological frameworks that scholars have utilized to define, expand, and critique the fields of Philosophy and Women’s and Gender Studies. Ultimately, the course will ask how students might gain access to and knowledgeably write about narratives concerning feminist theory, ethics, methodology, and justice.