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Donald P. Lennon


Bachelor of Science, 1963, Sociology, John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio
Doctor of Dental Surgery, 1971, Dentisty, Case Western Reserve University


1963-1965 U.S. Army, Fort Wainwright, Alaska, Motor Officer, Transportation Motor Pool.

1965-1967 Summit County Juvenile Court, Akron, Ohio, Probation Officer.

1971-1972 Highland View Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio, Dental Internship.

1972-1973 Private Dental Practice, Cleveland, Ohio, Associate (of) Drs. Rosewater, D.D.S. and Sperber, D.D.S.

1973-1979 Private Dental Practice, Cleveland, Ohio, Associate (with) Richard J. Stanco, D.D.S.

1979-Pres Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, Dept of Biology

1979-1988 Research Assistant; Laboratory of Dr. Arnold I. Caplan.

1985-1988 Instructor, Human Anatomy.

1988-Pres Senior Research Associate; Laboratory of Dr. Arnold I. Caplan;
Director, Cell Culture, Skeletal Research Center


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