Natural sciences is available as a second major for the Bachelor of Arts; the first major must be in a department or program within the arts, humanities, or social sciences, excluding the programs in American Studies, Environmental Studies, Gerontological Studies, and Pre-Architecture. For a student who completes a Bachelor of Science degree in management or accounting, natural sciences may serve as the sole major for the BA degree.

The program requires a minimum of 50 semester hours of work in natural sciences and mathematics. The departments included in the major are astronomy; biology; chemistry; earth, environmental, and planetary sciences; and physics. The student must complete a minimum of 20 hours in one of these departments, a minimum of 8 hours each in two of the other departments, and 3 hours each in the remaining two departments. In addition, all natural sciences majors must complete:

One of the following sequences: 6
MATH 125
MATH 126
Math and Calculus Applications for Life, Managerial, and Social Sci I
and Math and Calculus Applications for Life, Managerial, and Social Sci II
MATH 121
MATH 122
Calculus for Science and Engineering I
and Calculus for Science and Engineering II
Total Units 6

The courses used to satisfy the natural sciences major should be courses that would satisfy requirements of an existing science major. However, any 200-level or higher astronomy course is acceptable for the natural sciences major.