Data Use Agreement General Guidance

A Data Use Agreement (DUA) is required whenever CWRU is providing data.

  • It is STRONGLY recommended that DUA language/terms and conditions be included in sponsored research agreements including subcontracts whenever possible.
  • DUAs may require IRB approval and Data Security Approval.
General Categories of Data
  • Data not from a human subject
  • Data that is derived from a human being that is considered Not Human Subjects Data
    • The CWRU investigator is not engaged in the research
    • Cannot use the data to identify an individual
    • Examples: de-identified data, sequencing data
  • Data that is collected from human beings  or as part of a human subjects’ research study
    • Data types: Protected Health Information (PHI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Limited Data Set (LDS)
    • An approved IRB protocol will be required

Requests for DUA review and support are submitted through DUA Request form: DUA Request Form

It is strongly recommended that faculty and staff consult Data Use Agreement Guidance. This document contains all the questions and directions on how to answer each question.

Please review this Data Use Agreement Overview Presentation for more information.

Office of Research Administration is responsible for DUAS

Meghan Schane-Rambert – 368-5092 – Director of Contracts and Data Use Agreement

Loretta Williams – 368-5092 – Manager