NSF Soliciting Projects to Increase the Public Value of Scientific Activity

The National Science Foundation recently announced the Science of Science: Discovery, Communication, and Impact (SoS:DCI) program under the Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences. The SoS: DCI program is designed to increase the public value of scientific activity. The program pursues this goal by supporting basic research in three fundamental areas:

  • How to increase the rate of socially beneficial discovery;
  • How to improve science communication outcomes; and
  • How to expand the societal benefits of scientific activity.

The SoS:DCI program, which builds upon the former Science of Science & Innovation Policy (SciSIP) program, funds research that builds theoretical and empirical understandings of these three areas. With this goal in mind, proposals should:

  • Develop data, models, indicators, and associated analytical tools that constitute and enable transformative advances rather than incremental change.
  • Identify ethical challenges and mitigate potential risks to people and institutions.
  • Provide credible metrics and rigorous assessments of their proposed project’s impact.
  • Include robust data management plans with the goal to increase the usability, validity, and reliability of scientific materials.

Full Proposal Target Date:  February 10, 2020

Learn more at NSF.gov