The Program in Jewish Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the religion, history, literatures, languages, social experience, and cultures of the Jewish people. Through a variety of lenses, the program conveys the complex interaction of forces that create and express Jewish cultural and religious identities. Students completing the program will gain knowledge of the field along with the tools necessary for continued study of Judaism and Jewish civilization in all its manifestations.

Hebrew Courses for Fall ’24

Registration is now open for Hebrew courses this fall! For more information please contact: Professor Barbara Mann at: barbara.e.mann@case.edu or Professor Nadava Linial at: nadav.linial@case.edu

Prayer in Hostage Square – a feature by Dr. Alanna Cooper

During a recent visit to Israel, Dr. Cooper had the privilege to meet Rabbi Anat Sharbat, whose spiritual work in Hostage Square inspired her to write the article, “Hostages Square in Tel Aviv is one of the most religiously diverse synagogues.” Amid war, grief, fear and pain, Rabbi Sharbat and others have found creative and uplifting ways to connect to each other and find some solace.

Enroll in “Introducing Judaism” for Spring semester 2024!

Enrollment is open for RLGN 173: Introducing Judaism, an excellent way to broaden the depth of your religious studies! Join today to take advantage of the expertise of our own Professor Alanna Cooper.

Counts as Arts & Humanities Breadth Requirement

Hebrew Program

Funding is available to help support Hebrew language study at CWRU and abroad, for both academic year courses and summer programs. Contact Barbara Mann bem71@case.edu for details.

Come learn how to create letter press prints in Hebrew at the New Gutenberg Annex!

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