The minor consists of six courses; however, students with advanced standing can complete the minor in five courses (See below *)

A. Introduction to Jewish Studies; one of the following two courses:

  • JDST 101: Jews and Judaism¬†or
  • JDST 173: Introducing Judaism

B. Two semesters of introductory Hebrew:*

  • HBRW 101 and
  • HBRW 102

C. Three additional courses with a JDST designation or other courses approved by the program director, such as:

  • ENGL 365E: The Immigrant Experience
  • HBRW 201: Intermediate Modern Hebrew I
  • HBRW 202: Intermediate Modern Hebrew II
  • HBRW 301: Advanced Modern Hebrew I
  • HBRW 302: Advanced Modern Hebrew II
  • HSTY 220: The Early Modern Mediterranean
  • HSTY 257: Immigrants in America
  • HSTY 339: Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • POSC 379: Introduction to Middle East Politics

*Students who place out of the 100-level HBRW courses will take an additional HBRW course and complete the minor in five courses.