The minor consists of a minimum of five or six courses, according to the following scheme, to be chosen in consultation with the program director.

Required Courses:
A. Introduction to Judaic Studies, one of the following two courses: 3

JDST 101

JDST 173

Jews and Judaism

Introducing Judaism

B. Six hours from any of the JDST/ JDST cross-list courses such as: 6
JDST 208 Introduction to Western Religions
JDST 211 Great Books of Western Religion
JDST 218 Jews in Early Modern Europe
JDST 220 Jewish Traditional Art and Architecture
JDST 228 The Jewish Image in Popular Film
JDST 231 Jews in the Modern World
JDST 233 Introduction to Jewish Folklore
JDST 254 The Holocaust
JDST 268 Women in the Bible
JDST 280 Religion and Politics in the Middle East
JDST 314 Mythologies of the Afterlife
JDST 330 Classical Jewish Religious Thought
JDST 341 Jewish Urban History
JDST 350 Jewish Ethics
JDST 371 Jews Under Islam and Christianity
JDST 389 Zionism
JDST 392 Independent Study
C. Three hours from any of the JDST/ JDST cross-list courses or one of the following: 3
HSTY 257 Immigrants in America
POSC 379 Middle East: Politics, Economics & American Policy
HBRW 301 Advanced Modern Hebrew I
HBRW 302 Advanced Modern Hebrew II
HBRW 399 Independent Study in Hebrew
D. Two semesters of Hebrew (HBRW 101 and HBRW 102)  3
Students who place out of HBRW 102 must take another course from C as specified above.
Total Units  20