Enroll in “Introducing Judaism” for Spring semester 2024!


Judaism – like all religions – structures the way its adherents view the world and inhabit it.  In this course we will explore five aspects of the human experience, and interrogate the ways in which the religion provides a framework for navigating each one.   TIME:  How is time marked and measured?  SPACE:  What sort of cultural work is done to create religious and cultural home/s?  THE DIVINE:  How might God be described and understood?  And what is the nature of the relationship between the Divine and humanity?  TEXTS:  What are the Jewish sacred texts?  When did they appear and who authored them?  How are they read, studied and understood?  COMMUNITY:  What are the contours of the “Jewish Community” and how are boundaries drawn between who is “in” and who is “out”?

Counts as Arts & Humanities Breadth Requirement