JDST/RLGN 173 – Introducing Judaism

Alanna Cooper-MW- 12:45-2:00

This “topics” course offers an introduction to the academic study of Judaism. Whether approached through a particular theme or as a general historical introduction, each section of this course provides students with a general introduction to the academic study of religion and basic religious literacy in Jewish religious tradition, exploring forms of it in a diversity of cultural contexts around the world.  Section topics could include, but are not limited to:  Festivals and Holy Days, Women and Gender, Jewish Ethics.  Students may repeat the course for credit (up to 6 credits), provided that the two sections are different. Offered as RLGN 173 and JDST 173.

JDST/WLIT 285 – Land-Identity-Nation: An Introduction to Israeli Literature

Barbara Mann– MW- 12:45-2:00

This course explores Israeli literature from the establishment of the state in 1948 to the present day. We will examine the evolution of Hebrew literary production as it encountered the Mediterranean landscape and developed into a vehicle of vernacular literary expression. Topics include secular cultural expression and religious tradition; gender and ethnicity; political ideology and its discontents. Alongside primary literary sources in translation we will read background sources about Israeli history and culture, and critical readings about literature theory. Students will master basic introductory materials relating to Israeli history and culture, with attention to how literature has served as a platform that both shapes and reflects national identity formation. Students will also gain sensitivity and facility in analyzing specific elements of literary form, especially as related to genre, voice and narrative. Offered as JDST 285 and WLIT 28