Jordan Silver Jordan Silver
Hometown: Deerfield, IllinoisAcademic Interests
Political Science, History, Public Policy, Sociology, Pre-law, Religion

Extracurricular Activities
Marching Band, Jewish Student Group, Case Democrats, Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity

“This note comes with happiness and pride and many thanks for honoring me with the Ira and Ruth Bressler Prize.  The awards ceremony was truly inspiring and the recognition of my achievement is something I’ll always cherish…   I’m so glad I had an opportunity to participate in the Judaic Studies Program…  knowing how much this course of study has expanded my mind, I really hope to continue my Jewish education.  Thank you once again for honoring me.”



On the course Introduction to Jewish Folklore:

John Mack John P. “Jack” Mack
Hometown:  Buffalo, New YorkAcademic Interests
Double major in Music and Psychology,
Planning to go to grad school and become a child/adolescent counselor.

Extracurricular Activities
Officially:  Sigma Nu Fraternity, Speakeasy men’s a cappella group, Case Concert Choir, Case tour guide; Unofficially:  I spend a lot of time reading fiction (both prose and comic) and writing in my blog.

I gained a personal appreciation of Judaism and the influence of this ancient tradition on mainstream and modern popular culture…  its opened my eyes…   I even recognized an example of Midrash on The Simpsons!  Lisa researches scripture and Bart impresses the rabbis by quoting verses and then extrapolating to prove his points.  He shows what he believes the intention of the text to be, though that particular piece of advice is not actually in the Torah…  I am wholeheartedly looking forward to learning more.”



On the course Jewish Traditional Art and Architecture:

Carmen Rowan
Carmen Rowan
Hometown: Richmond Heights, OhioAcademic Interests
English, Communication Science, Spanish

Extracurricular Activities
Sports, Movies and Music

An excerpt from:
“And I Present: The Jews”

They are a holy people, meant to be set apart
Observant through the ages,
Praising their God through art

They have icons, not idols, being sure to be careful
Using sacred symbols
To stay spiritual and prayerful

Temple architecture, Boaz and Yakhin
Bezalel, micrography
So much I’d never seen!

With culture contact factored in they could be
Black or yellow or red,
Not just plain white, like the pictures I had in my head

A unique and ancient tradition; a modern culture, too
An art-filled life in so many ways
A beautiful thing to be a Jew



Other Student Thoughts and Comments

Religious Roots of the Middle East Conflict
“I had gone to a Jewish Day School in high school and thus had a pretty good understanding of the Jewish religion, with very little understanding of Islam and Christianity.  Following this course, I feel I have a much stronger understanding of the three major religions, a reasonably broad understanding of the Middle East, and a much stronger enthusiasm for learning about the Middle East.”


Women in the Bible
“I loved the class!  It provided new, insightful information and promotes critical thinking … I was able to look at the Bible from a different perspective than I’ve ever had before…  one of my favorite classes since I’ve attended Case.”


The Holocaust
“The professor teaches about the Shoa more than in terms of history, and makes us look beyond names and dates.”


The Jewish Image in Popular Film
“A fresh and entertaining course … the material presented was captivating!  This was a really enjoyable course; got students involved and thinking critically. I really felt like I learned something.”


Jewish Traditional Art and Architecture
“Fascinating subject matter … I learned a lot about Jewish art and culture.  The readings were good, class discussion was interesting and engaging … My favorite class of all, by far.”


Introduction to Jewish Folklore
“A great way to fulfill the diversity requirement … it was very exciting material, different from all my other classes…  I didn’t know anything about this material before; now I know a great deal … I REALLY enjoyed this course.”