The Midwest Jewish Studies Association (MJSA) is a broad and interdisciplinary non-profit organization. It brings together scholars of Jewish and non-Jewish backgrounds in a synergistic effort to generate energy, talent, ideas and resources.

The MJSA is designed to facilitate scholarship and pedagogy and offer other valuable resources and services for individuals involved in Jewish Studies at the college and university levels. We encourage you to be a part of this important and growing organization.

A central event of the MJSA is the annual conference, which is held, on a rotating basis, at various Midwest institutions of higher education. This arrangement affords many institutions the opportunity to develop and enhance their Jewish Studies programs and offerings, while also making a scholarly, collegial, and informative meeting accessible to a wide range of interested participants.

Contact Information:
Mara Cohen Ioannides
Missouri State University

Paul Bartrop
Florida Gulf Coast University
Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565

David Meola