Special Admission Requirements

A student wishing to participate in this program is expected to establish a firm grounding in the methods and core material of both World Literature and another discipline. One should familiarize themselves not only with the World Literature requirements but also with those of another graduate program or department. Applicants must be admitted by both the World Literature Program and the other department, and a candidate is advised to contact make sure that all the materials they submit clearly addresses the requirements of both programs.

Once accepted, the candidate is advised to coordinate a plan of study that demonstrates both comprehensive knowledge of the fields and an area of specialization shared between the disciplines. A proposed research plan must be submitted to the Faculty Senate for approval of the interdisciplinary degree. Through course work and the thesis defense, the candidate is expected to connect study of literature with material and methods from the participating discipline. Directors of graduate studies from both programs monitor the candidate’s plans and progress.

In the past we have had participating disciplines from:

Cognitive Linguistics: “Cognitive Approaches to Worlds Literature” — 15 credit hours [Cognitive Linguistics]; 12 credit hours [World Literature]; 12 credit hours thesis [split between both disciplines]

Philosophy: “Aesthetic Approaches to World Literature” — 12 credit hours [World Literature]; 12 credit hours [Philosophy]; 9 credit hours thesis [split between both disciplines]

How to Apply:

Interested applicants are encouraged to speak with the program’s director, Timothy Wutrich, to receive full guidelines for application. Most requirements are listed below:

1. Personal Statement Detailing Project Proposal

2. Complete Application through Graduate Studies

Admission Deadlines and Decisions:

Applications are due by March 1 for beginning Fall semester. Decisions along with funding possibilities will be given by April 15.