Students who major in World Literature will take a total of 10 courses (30 credit hours).

  • Two courses (6 credit hours) of foundational courses: WLIT 211 and WLIT 212
  • One course (3 credit hours) from the following: ¬†CLCS/WLIT 203, or CLSC/WLIT 204, or ENGL/WLIT 365Q
  • One course (3 credit hours) of Literary Theory: ENGL/WLIT 387
  • Two courses (6 credit hours) in literature at the 300-level in a language other than English
  • 4 electives (12 credits) of any WLIT courses (or x-listed equivalents) or any non-English literature courses at the 200-level or above chosen in consultation with the World Literature faculty adviser.