In case of an unjustified/undocumented cancellation or absence from the TEF or DFP test, fees are non-refundable.

In case of cancellation of registration before the day of the TEF or DPF test session or absence on the day of the TEF or DFP test session, the candidate must provide justification for her/his absence. Relevant medical or professional documentation must be submitted to the IFSPEC Center who will forward it to the CCI Paris Ile-de-France. Qualifying events, including but not limited to illness, professional reasons, death and bereavement or other valid circumstances may be taken into account.

The IFSPEC and the CCI Paris Ile-de-France will review requests on a case by case basis, and upon approval of the board, may agree to the candidate’s registration at another date without any additional costs. In such case, the candidate will be informed in due time.

The IFSPEC and the CCI Paris Île-de-France reserve the right to cancel or postpone a TEF or a DFP test session in the event of insufficient enrollment.