Any registration for a TEF test/exam session for e-TEF for naturalization, e-TEFCanada, e-TEFAQ or e-DFP Diploma of French for Professions is taken into account upon receipt of payment by credit card via the IFSPEC Website. Successful registration is subject to seating availability.

Please note registration for any given test or exam closes 8 days before the exam date.

All candidate must enter their ID number on the secure registration and payment page.

IMPORTANT: TEF Canada, TEFAQ and TEF for Naturalization candidates must enter the ID that they used on their immigration application.

Registration confirmation

A few days before the exam session, participants will receive a notification by email mentioning directions to the exam center, the conditions of access to the exam room and the exam schedule.

Your registration will be confirmed when you have received the three documents / receipts listed below:

  • an automated notification from IFSPEC
  • a personalized message from the IFSPEC Manager
  • your credit card e-receipt for the amount of the test/exam
  • your official invitation

The date and times listed in the notification must be respected or the participant’s registration will be invalidated.

Certificate of results

– About three weeks after passing a TEF test or a DFP diploma, each candidate will receive an electronic certificate of results issued by CCI Paris Ile-de-France.

Those certificates are valid for immigration and/or for university admission purposes.

– In case an error or a modification (in the name, first name or date of birth of the candidate) is not indicated on the registration sheet on the day of the test/exam, no correction will be possible after the test/exam session.

Billing and payment

Payments for test/exam fees can only be made by credit card through the IFSPEC Website during the registration process. A receipt will be sent by e-mail to all registrants once the test/exam fee has been received and the test session is confirmed.

Exam fees

See registration pages under “Exams”

Cancellations, Absences, Refunds 

In the case you must cancel your registration more than 8 days before the scheduled TEF or DFP test session, a cancellation fee will be charged in the amount of $30.00.

Any request for cancellation of your registration under 8 days before the scheduled TEF or DPF test session, and/or your absence on the day of the TEF or DFP test session, must be duly documented with your exam center. In such a case, exam/test fees are non-refundable, but the exam/test may be rescheduled at a later time. Please note that any exam/test may be rescheduled only ONE time.

All relevant medical and/or professional documentation must be submitted to the IFSPEC Exam Center who will forward it to the CCI Paris Ile-de-France. Only unforeseen conflicts (illness, professional reasons, death and bereavement or other valid circumstances) may be considered.

Exam/test fees are non-refundable for any undocumented absence from the scheduled TEF or DFP test session.

The IFSPEC and the CCI Paris Île-de-France reserve the right to cancel or postpone a TEF or a DFP test session in case of insufficient enrollment. In such cases, all candidates will receive notification in due time.