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Saturday, August 6th, 3:00PM Conversation: Not so “Elementary”–getting from Sherlock to CSI

Where: Cleveland Public Library Downtown, Brett Hall
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Now showing in the Castele Gallery, March 30th through September 1st

Preparing Medicine for War:  The Lakeside Unit’s Trial Mobilization in 1916

LakesideThis exhibit, researched and curated by Jennifer Nieves, Museum Registrar and Archivist, is composed of original Lakeside Unit photographs and documents from the Dittrick Museum’s collections. Based on Dr. George W. Crile’s experience at the American Ambulance in Paris, he formulated the “Hospital Unit Plan of Organization of the Medical Reserve Corps of the U.S. Army” to serve as the model for US base hospitals. A “mock mobilization” was staged in Philadelphia to determine the practicality of Crile’s plan.  The trial and error mobilization was effective in discovering defects and disclosing unexpected needs, especially in regards to operating room equipment.  Experience this mobilization through original photographs taken by Lakeside Unit personnel.
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