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Friday, April 20, 2018 7:00PM
Co-sponsored, Dittrick and Happy Dog event! MIXER: Forensics, Crime, and Charming Disaster @ Happy Dog Euclid Tavern (Euclid Ave)

Join us April 20th for a night of Forensics, Crime, and the the band “Charming Disaster.” Presented by Happy Dog Euclid Tavern, and co-sponsored by the Dittrick Museum, the evening begins at 7pm at HAPPY DOG Euclid Tavern with Brandy Schillace presenting on forensics and Cleveland’s riotous pre- and post-prohibition years. The night continues with music from Charming Disaster–a playfully macabre folk-noir duo inspired by the gothic humor of Edward Gorey and Tim Burton with the theatrical flair of the cabaret. ***No Registration Required, first come first seated

Bartisch_the brainThursday, June 7, 2018 5:30PM
CONVERSATIONS! at Dittrick, “Mind and Matter: the evolution of mental health treatment”
EXHIBIT: Dissection of the brain in woodcut: A visual exploration of Renaissance anatomy from Gersdorff to Vesalius

What is the mind? Where does it reside? How do we treat it? The history of mental health is one of tension, trial and error, progress and regress. The 19th century—with industrialization and technological innovations—saw new means of treatment, but also overuse of diagnoses like hysteria and neurasthenia for conditions we might today recognize as forms of depression. Hydrotherapy, electric shock treatment, and the more devastating use of lucatomes and lobotomy rightly conjure images of horror. Pharmaceutical intervention “solved” many problems but brought its own in the form of overuse, overdose, and side-effects. What happens when a depressed patient doesn’t respond to treatment? Join us for a short lecture by Brandy Schillace plus a panel and round-table with experts on brain health. Hear about the past—the present—and the future of our most precious and most mysterious resource:  the mind. *event is free

Register Here, limited seats

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