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Upcoming Events

Thursday, May 55:30-6:30PM
Tour the MOCA and see the exhibit: STRANGER

The Dittrick Museum Friends are invited to attend a free tour of the MOCA! Recently, the Dittrick held an event in the Stranger exhibition, and this will be a highlight of the tour.

moca_cleveland_exterior-FBThe Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland is a unique and dynamic place for the visual art of our time. We challenge, inspire and teach a wide range of audiences. Our purpose is to push the boundaries of innovation, creativity and exploration through exhibitions, publications, education and outreach programs. In fulfilling its mission, MOCA Cleveland strives to enrich the cultural life of the community. We bring the latest and most important developments in contemporary art to Cleveland. Through broad-based programs that reflect artistic and cultural diversity, MOCA celebrates national and international artistic achievements while recognizing the contributions of artists from the region.

Stranger is an exhibition which uses traditional forms of painting and sculpture to create works with personality, power, and unnerving self-possession to examine recent developments in figuration that speak to the continually evolving (and dissolving) notion of being. Also on view is Xavier Cha: abduct. Produced in collaboration with Frieze Film, Cha presents a newly-commissioned video that present actors as they battle conflicting emotions. Xavier Cha’s performance-based works concern the body, self, and subjectivity within contemporary culture.

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Thursday, May 12th, 6:30PM
Conversation: “The End of the World as We Know it”–PTSD, Shock, and Conflict

Shell Shock–what today we recognize as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder–changed the way we understood trauma and the self, though the condition remains widely misunderstood. Join us for a discussion on the history of shock and PTSD, with Inamori Professor of Ethics Shannon French, editor-in-chief for the International Journal of Ethical Leadership, and an associate editor for the Journal of Military Ethics. Come be a part of the Conversation!

Where: Inamori Center for Ethics, Tinkham Veale University Center, CWRU
Second Floor, Suite 280
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Saturday, August 6th, 3:00PM

Conversation: Not so “Elementary”–getting from Sherlock to CSI
Where: Cleveland Public Library Downtown, Brett Hall
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Now showing in the Castele Gallery, March 30th through September 1st

Preparing Medicine for War:  The Lakeside Unit’s Trial Mobilization in 1916

LakesideThis exhibit, researched and curated by Jennifer Nieves, Museum Registrar and Archivist, is composed of original Lakeside Unit photographs and documents from the Dittrick Museum’s collections. Based on Dr. George W. Crile’s experience at the American Ambulance in Paris, he formulated the “Hospital Unit Plan of Organization of the Medical Reserve Corps of the U.S. Army” to serve as the model for US base hospitals. A “mock mobilization” was staged in Philadelphia to determine the practicality of Crile’s plan.  The trial and error mobilization was effective in discovering defects and disclosing unexpected needs, especially in regards to operating room equipment.  Experience this mobilization through original photographs taken by Lakeside Unit personnel.