Dittrick Medical History Center Audio Archive

Below, you will find the audio recordings of Dittrick Medical History Center’s annual lectures, book events, and more.

Chris Henry (Director of Heritage for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh)

The Lister Project at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh: Museums within a Museum
Handerson Lecture, March 19th, 2015


Kate Manning
Book launch and author talk on My Notorious Life
September 23rd, 2014


Lucy Inglis (Museum of London)
Jan Van Rymsdyk: Medical Illustrator Extraordinary
Handerson Lecture, Feb. 20th, 2014


Joel D. Howell, M.D. PhD. (University of Michigan)
Machines and medicine: tools, technology, and the transformation of patient care
Lecture Nov. 14th, 2013


Lindsey Fitzharris Ph.D.
Medicine’s Dark Secrets
Anton and Rose Zverina Lecture, Oct. 3rd, 2013


Brandy Schillace Ph.D. (Case Western Reserve University)
Re-conceiving Birth: Our Shared Entrance to the World Stage
Exhibit and Lecture, Oct. 3rd, 2013


Natasha McEnroe (Director of The Florence Nightingale Museum, London, UK)
From Personality to Profession: The Florence Nightingale Museum and the history of nursing
Handerson Lecture, 2013


Robert Reid M.D. (Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada)
Doctors without borders: Sexual and reproductive health in the electronic era
Percy Skuy Lecture, 2013


Stanley B. Burns, M.D., FACS, (New York University)
Understanding and Unlocking the Past Through Iconic Photographs:
Images from the Burns Collection – Medicine, War, Racism, Crime, and Memorial Photography
Anton and Rose Zverina Lecture, 2012


Heather Ault 4000 Years for Choice
TRUST. WOMEN. ART: Claiming & Creating History
Exhibit and Lecture, 2012

Dr. Ken Arnold (Wellcome Collection, London)
Medicine Show: Science, Art and Health at Wellcome Collection
Handerson Lecture, 2012


Heather Munro Prescott Ph.D. (Central Connecticut State University)
The Morning After: A History of Emergency Contraception in the United States
Special Winter lecture


Mary E. Fissell Ph.D. (John Hopkins University)
Something Borrowed, Something Blue: The Strange History Of Aristotle’s Masterpiece
Anton and Rose Zverina lecture, 2011


Lisa Rosner Ph.D. (Stockton College)
The True and Horrid Story of the Burke and Hare Anatomy Murders
Special Fall Lecture, 2011


Joanna Ebenstein (Morbid Anatomy Blog)
Anatomical Venuses, Slashed Beauties, and Three Fetuses Dancing a Jig:
An Illustrated Journey into the Curious World of Medical Museums

Medical Museums Lecture 2011


Nina Rattner Gelbart Ph.D. (Occidental College)
Birthing a Nation: Mme du Coudray and the practice
of midwifery in Enlightenment France

Zverina Lecture 2010


Helen Horowitz Ph.D. (Smith College)
How Contraceptives Became Illegal: The Origins of the Comstock Law

Zverina Lecture 2009


Wendy Kline, Ph.D. (University of Cincinnati)
Reproducing Our Bodies, Ourselves:
birth control and the women’s health movement.
Zverina Lecture 2008


Andrea Tone Ph.D. (McGill University)
Bodies of Evidence: Uncovering the Lost History of Contraceptives in America
Zverina lecture 2006.