Dittrick Medical History Center Video Archive

Below, you will find video of the Dittrick Medical History Center’s annual lectures, as well as the Cleveland Medical Library Association Annual Lectures. See more on Dittrick Museum’s YouTube Channel.


  1. 2021 Annual Percy Skuy Lecture:
    Doctors, Suffragists, Socialists, Eugenicists: Identities and Politics in Early Birth Control Movement.
    Lauren Maclvor Thompson, PhD See the video


  1. Hidden in plain view: Discovering the work of a 16th-century anatomist hidden in the historiated initials of Andreas Vesalius—Surprising images of the healing, stealing, dissecting, and vivisecting of bodies
    Douglas Lanska M.D.,M.S., M.S.H.P.H., Anton and Rose Zverina Lecture, 2018  See the video
  2. Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage: The Politics of Contraception and Sex Education,
    Iris E. Harvey (President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio and Board Member of Planned Parenthood Federation of America)
    Skuy Annual Lecture on Contraception, March 22, 2018 See the video


  1. Love Hurts? Historical bodies, gender, clothing, and health [Conversations] Brandy Schillace, PhD, February 2017 See the video
  2. Controversial Coverage: Faith and the Fight to Insure Contraceptives
    B. Jessie Hill, PhD, JD, Skuy Annual Lecture on Contraception, March 9, 2017 See the video
  3. Lady Mary’s Legacy: Vaccine Advocacy from The Turkish Embassy Letters to Video Games,
    Lisa Rosner, PhD, (Stockton University) March 30, 2017. See the video
  4. Medical Museums and the Digital Turn: Digital Dreams, Digital Nightmares
    Lisa O’Sullivan, (New York Academy of Medicine), October,13, 2017. See the video
  5. The Problem of Pain, from Pharma to Harm [Conversations] Brandy Schillace, PhD, November 2017 See the Video


  1. Edge of Disaster–Vaccines and Epidemics, [Conversations]
    Brandy Schillace, PhD, January 2016 See the Video
  2. It Runs like Clockwork–Automatons, Artificial Hearts, and Machines of Medicine, [Conversations]
    Brandy Schillace, PhD, March 2016 See the Video
  3. Re-conceiving the Pill: From Revolutionary Therapeutic to Lifestyle Drug
    Elizabeth Watkins PhD. (University of California, San Francisco) Skuy Annual Lecture March 17th, 2016 See the video
  4. “The End of the World as We Know it” PTSD, Shock, & Conflict, [Conversations]
    Brandy Schillace PhD, May 2016 See the Video
  5. Not so “Elementary”–from Sherlock to Modern Forensics, [Conversations]
    Brandy Schillace PhD, Aug 2016 See the Video
  6. Presidents, Public Health, and Pre-antiseptic Medicine, [Conversations]
    Brandy Schillace, PhD, September 2016 See the video
  7. Henry K. Beecher’s Bombshell: Ethics and Clinical Research (1966) and Protecting Human Subjects in Biomedical Research
    Susan Lederer PhD. (University of Wisconsin-Madison), November 11, 2016. See the video
  8. Industrial Damages: Lead Poisoning’s Long Legacy and Industry’s Role in Decay, [Conversations]
    Brandy Schillace, PhD, November 2016 See the video


  1.  “Hard Labor”–Birth in the 19th century and Today, [Conversations]
    Catherine Osborn, MA/MS, September 2015 See the Video
  2. Bodies Wanted–Anatomy and the Dissection Debate, [Conversations]
    Brandy Schillace, PhD, November 2015 See the Video
  3. From Ether to Epidural: Obstetric Anesthesia in Historic, Medical, and Social Context.
    Jacqueline Wolf PhD. (Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine) Special Lecture and History of Childbirth Gallery opening, November 19th, 2015 See the video
  4. The Eye of the Artist,
    Jonathan Lass, M.D. (Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at Case Western Reserve University and Medical Director of the Cleveland Eye Bank),  Anton and Rose Zverina Lecture, October 14th, 2015
  5. The Body in the Book: The Fabrica and the Epitome (1543)
    Sachiko Kusukawa PhD. (University of Cambridge) The Body in the Book: The Fabrica and the Epitome (1543) Cleveland Medical Library Association Lecture, April 16th, 2015 See the video