Bruno Gebhard Photography Collection

On November 13, 1940 the first permanent health museum in the U.S.A. was opened in Cleveland, Ohio. The Health Museum of Cleveland has recentlty undergone a major transformation and is now known as HealthSpace Cleveland. Subsequently HealthSpace has become part of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and continues to develop programming on health and wellness issues in Cleveland.

Bruno Gebhard left Germany and his curatorial post at the German Hygiene Museum in 1937. He joined the New York World’s Fair staff as medical consultant. In 1939 he was appointed the Director of the Cleveland Health Education Museum, he retired after twenty five years of service in 1965.

The Gebhard collection consists of approximately 600 to 800 photographs, and hundreds of postcards and printed pieces on a wide variety of topics concerning health education. Many are of health museum exhibits at the Cleveland Museum and functions and activities held there.There are also photographs of German Cultural and Industrial Exhibits (1930s), the Hygiene Exposition (Paris 1924), and other exhibits and medical monuments throughout Europe and the United States. Click on the following link to search database with Gebhard collection photographs. Search the database at:


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