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collage of various artifacts


Travenol artificial kidney, ca.1963 Phrenology bust Blood transfusion cannula Carbolic acid sprayer Homeopathy on the Western Reserve Electrocardiograph, 1920 George Crile and the lessons of military medicine in World War I Hirschowitz fiberoptic Endoscope, 1960 Compression chamber, 1904 Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy, 1979 Kay-Cross oxygenator, 1951 Cupping Set c. 1810 Office Sign of Abner Webb c.1846 Saddlebags and Instruments of Peter Allen, c.1820 Ruben A. Vance and lithotripsy: minimally invasive surgery more than a century ago Engeln x-ray table 1927 Dosimeter: Victoreen condenser R-Meter, 1928 Gustav Weber and the medical impact of the Civil War Amputating Set c.1861 Goldblatt clamps for hypertension experiments, 1934 Physician's surgical chair, 1890 Todd's Head Spanner 1930 Claude Beck, defibrillation and CPR