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Austin RB. Early American medical imprints; a guide to works printed in the United States 1668-1820. 1961. Hist ref Z697 M4 A937 1961

Chafy SL, Haimbach R, Fenichel C, Woodside NB, eds. Women in medicine. A bibliography of literature on women physicians. 1977. Hist ref ZWZ1 W872w 1977

Cordasco F. American medical imprints, 1820-1910. 2 vols. 1985. Hist ref ZWB100 C794a 1985

Guerra F. American medical bibliography 1639-1783. 1962. Hist ref Z1002 G934a 1962

Erlen J. The history of the health care sciences and health care, 1700-1980. A selective annotated bibliography. 1984. Hist ref ZWZ55 E69h 1984

Index Medicus. A monthly classified record of the current medical literature of the world. vols. 1-21 (1879-99); 2d ser., vols. 1-6 (1921-27). Became Quarterly Cumulative Index Medicus (1927-56). Source often used to verify citations.

Isis cummulative bibliography. 1913+

Miller G. Bibliography of the history of medicine of the United States and Canada, 1939-1960. 1964. Hist ref ZWZ70 AA1 M648b 1939-60

National Library of Medicine. Bibliography of the history of medicine. Nos. 1-40. 1964-1993. Hist ref ZWZ40 B582b 1964-93

Norman JM, ed. Morton’s medical bibliography. An annotated check-list of texts illustrating the history of medicine (Garrison and Morton). 5th ed. 1991. Standard authoritative bibliography of medical literature; special emphasis upon documenting priority of discovery and description in the medical sciences. Hist ref ZWZ40 M889m5 1991

Rutkow IM. History of surgery in the United States 1775-1900. 2 vols. 1988. A chronological listing of publications, with comprehensive annotation. Hist ref WO11 AA1 R977h 1988

Searing SE and Apple RD, eds. The history of women and science, health, and technology: a bibliographic guide to the professions and the disciplines. 1988. Hist ref Z7963 S3 H673h 1988 [see also on-line version (1993) edited by PH Weisbord and Apple RD: gopher://]

Trautmann J and Pollard C. Literature and medicine; topics, titles & notes. 1975. Hist ZWZ 350 T777L 1975

United States. War Dept. Surgeon General’s Office. Index-catalogue of the library of the Surgeon-General’s Office. 5 ser. 1880-1961. The first, and most monumental, subject guide to medical literature, especially before WWI. Hist ref

Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine (London). Current work in the history of medicine. No.1 – (1954- )

Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine. Wellcome subject catalogue of the history of medicine and related sciences. 9 vols. 1980. Hist ref ZWZ40 W442s vol 1-9

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