The labor of the reward:  wonder


Sara Eve and Lucita, oil on duralar, 2017 by Misty Morrison

As part of its mission, the Beamer-Schneider Professorship developed a teaching in-service program with SAGES from 2015-2020.  The program involved a post-doctoral fellow, the Beamer-Schneider Teaching Fellow in SAGES with generous support from the Kent Smith Foundation.  In addition to offering moral theory and ethics courses, the fellow -along with the Beamer-Schneider Professor in Ethics- led an annual seminar for faculty who teach in SAGES, providing them with a background in moral and ethical philosophy so that they could develop the ethical learning embedded in SAGES’ learning objectives and the moral dimensions of SAGES classroom experience.

The first teaching fellow was Kevin Houser.

The second teaching fellow was Bharat Ranganathan.