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Diploma in French for Professions (DFP) Business B1


Purpose: Business

The Diploma in French for Professions in Business is a diploma attesting candidates are able to use oral and written French in an effective manner in situations of professional communication, and that they are fully prepared to handle the interpersonal, administrative and commercial aspects of a business.

Who is it for?

This diploma is intended especially for company staff or government personnel working in any position requiring them to communicate with French-speaking contacts orally or in writing.


The Diploma in French for Business B1 validates competency in French at level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). It represents approximately 250 hours of study.

It certifies competency in French at an independent level, thus confirming the user’s ability to understand and express him/herself in common social and professional situations.

The holder of this diploma can carry on common types of professional communication, both oral and written, in a predictable context (understanding others and expressing themselves in the normal situations arising in social and professional life).


Understanding and processing information:

The candidate is able to understand the essential elements of simple, common professional reports, texts and documents.

The candidate is able to understand the essential elements of a message that is predictable (in form and content), face to face or over the telephone, within the scope of his/her professional experience.

The candidate is able to use elements that are supplied to him/her and organize them in a given format, and write common types of messages related to familiar social and professional activities.

Communicating orally:

The candidate is able to take part in exchanges about familiar topics in his/her professional context, describe what he/she is doing, exchange factual information, discuss an option and provide explanations in practical situations concerning known topics.

Examples of activities and topics:

Activities: Complete a form, comment on a graph, write a note, write a report, meet and inform a client, present your professional background, present an argument to a decision maker.

Themes: Professional world, business, social, economic and commercial contexts, negotiations.

Test components:

The DFP in Business B1 consists of two sections that must be taken together during one exam session:

  • Understanding and processing information:  1 hr. 20 mins, on computer.
  • Interacting orally in person with an examiner: 30 mins (20 mins preparation + 10 mins conversation)
Understanding and processing information Duration
Processing written information 1: Commenting on a diagram 1h 20 mins.
2: Providing a suitable response in a problematic situation
3: Booking an exhibition space at a salon on the basis of given instructions
4: Filling out a project summary sheet, drawing operational conclusions from information provided
Processing spoken information 5: Organizing notes
6: Transmitting the contents of a message from a client, along with instructions, to a colleague
7: Writing an e-mail in response to a request, taking into account complementary information
Communicating in writing 8: Responding to a job offer by writing an application letter


Communicating orally Duration
Activity 1: Presenting a job candidates’ career history and justify your choice to the management team Preparation: 20 mins.

Test: 10 mins.

Activity 2: Presenting your arguments to a decision-maker / to a client at an interview.

Presenting a sales pitch

Total test duration: 1 hr. 50 minutes.


Recommended preparation:

FRCH 315. French for Business. 3 Units.

Business French is an upper-level course with a focus on the economic life of France and other Francophone countries. In this course, students will enhance their comprehension and communications skills through oral and written activities in the context of authentic situations of negotiations as related to the economic structures and the business organization of Francophone countries. Some examples of themes covered are negotiations in the professional world, economics, social rights, finance, and business and commercial contexts. Finally, whenever possible, the course will be complemented by cultural exchanges in conjunction with programs featured by the French Consulate in Chicago and/or internships in French-speaking companies in the region or abroad. Counts for CAS Global & Cultural Diversity Requirement. Prerequisite: FRCH 202 or equivalent.

Registration details:

Contact the IFSPEC for test preparation material, registration periods and exam session dates.

If you think your situation calls for specific arrangements due to a recorded disability , please contact the exam center manager before registering: Fabienne Pizot-Haymore.

Registration closes eight days before the exam session. Please contact upon registration to verify your information is complete and your registration was taken into account. You must have received an official convocation email from the IFSPEC–in addition to a debit/credit card receipt.

All candidates must enter their ID number on the exam registration page. All candidates will be required to display this ID on the day of the test.

Cancellation, Absence, Refunds:

If a candidate decides to cancel his/her registration before the day of the TEF or DPF test session or absence on the day of the TEF or DFP test session, the candidate must provide justification for her/his absence. Relevant medical or professional documentation must be submitted to the IFSPEC Center who will forward it to the CCI Paris Ile-de-France. Only “force majeure” events (illness, professional reasons, death and bereavement or other valid circumstances) will be taken into account.

The IFSPEC and the CCI Paris Ile-de-France will review requests on a case by case basis, and upon approval of the board, may agree to the candidate’s registration at another date without any additional costs. In such case, the candidate will be informed in due time.

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