Articles by Percy Skuy on the history of contraception in the
Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada Newsletter.

Summer 2013: Tales of contraception: A Series Introduction

Summer 2013: Tales of contraception: Cervical caps

Fall 2013: Tales of Contraception: It’s the Real Thing

September 2013: Tales of contraception: The truth, the ‘hole’ truth, and nothing but the truth!

October 2013: Tales of contraception: A world-travelled IUD

Winter 2013-14: Tales of Contraception: All Is Not Well If It Does Not End Well

Speaking of sex

Let’s talk about sex! Speaking of Sex is Planned Parenthood’s award-winning podcast and videocast that takes a fun, yet informative, look at sexuality and its important role in our life and relationships. Using humor and creativity, Speaking of Sex takes on the challenge of educating and exploring the full range of questions everyone has about sexual health. From encouraging partner communication to reducing stigma and shame, Speaking of Sex will help you protect your health and have fun. View the Northeastern Ohio episode here:

Additional Links

The Museum of Contraception and Abortion (Vienna) English website:

GoldmanJohn Campanelli and Dale Omori: Full Cleveland Tour of Contraceptive Museum

Emma Goldman Papers; Goldman was an anarchist and an early advocate of contraception.

Dr. Gregory Goodwin Pincus: Father of “The Pill”

Margaret Sanger Papers Project

Guest curator of the Dittrick contraception exhibit, Jimmy Wilkinson Meyer

Sopia Smith Collection, Womens History Archives at Smith College

United Nations Population Fund

Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute, The History of Birth Control, by Kathleen London:

German language links

The Museum of Contraception and Abortion (Vienna)

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