James Overholser



Mather Memorial Building 149

Other Information

Specialty: Psychology

Research Interests

Dr. Overholser’s areas of interest and specialization include anxiety, depression, suicide, and the personality disorders. He has published empirical studies, theoretical papers, and treatment guidelines for these problems. His approach to treatment primarily relies on cognitive-behavioral strategies with a special emphasis on the Socratic method. He is actively involved in research on risk factors for and treatment of depression and suicide. His research tries to identify cognitive and social factors that are related to depression onset, recovery, and treatment. Much of his research strives to improve our understanding of suicide risk and suicide prevention.

Current Projects

My research examines the assessment of depression and suicide risk. We have studies currently underway, evaluating depression in adult psychiatric outpatients, Day Hospital patients, and individuals who have died by suicide. In each of these projects, we conduct a thorough assessment, usually combining structured interviews with self-report questionnaires, trying to improve our understanding of the cognitive and emotional factors that underlie severe depression and suicidal tendencies. More specifically, I am interested in the positive and negative attitudes that underlie, and potentially cause, significant emotional reactions.


Graduate Student Research Assistants

Alison Athey
Jennifer Lehmann
Jeleesa Perez

Other Research Assistants

Lesa Dieter
Christopher Davis

**Prospective Graduate Students**

I am planning to accept a new graduate student during the upcoming academic year

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