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Film Minor

marie-doroCase Western Reserve offers an undergraduate minor in film. This flexible minor is designed to accommodate both busy student schedules and a wide range of possible interests in the cinema.

See what some undergraduates who studied film at Case Western have gone on to do.


Film Minor Requirements



Take this course first or as early in the sequence as possible.


THE REMAINING 12 CREDITS can consist of any combination of the following:


ENGL 368 courses have included History of Film: Origins to Present, The Horror Film, Great Directors, Peninsular Spanish Cinema, Literature in Film, Films of Alfred Hitchcock, Asian Cinema and Drama, American Cinema History and Culture, Images of Women in Films, Introduction to Film Genres, Science Fiction Films, Latin American Cinema, Watching Movies, Dance on Screen, Film Music, and Storytelling & Cinema.

There is no limit on the number of credits a student can take in ENGL 368 coursework.

  • ENGL 316—SCREENWRITING (up to 3 credits)
  • APPROVED ELECTIVE COURSES (up to 6 credits)

Courses that have counted as electives toward the film minor include: Latin American Cinema, Black Religion and Film, The Hollywood Musical, Topics in German Cinema, Film Music, Jewish Image in Popular Culture, The Hollywood Musical, Multimedia Storytelling, French Cinema, James Bond and Popular Culture, Classics in Film, and Folklore & Myth in Japanese Film.

Students interested in having one of these courses or another course count as an elective, contact Robert Spadoni.


Other Details

Up to 6 credits can count toward both the film minor and a major or other minor.

STUDENTS TAKING A LOT OF FILM COURSES will occasionally run up against the 42-credit limit of ENGL courses that can count toward graduating. If you think you are approaching this limit, look for cross lists for ENGL film courses (WLIT for example).


To Declare a Film Minor

  • Complete a Declaration of Minor Form. Get one from the Office of Undergraduate Studies in Sears 357 or from Robert Spadoni.
  • Make an appointment to see Robert Spadoni, who will sign the form and keep the white copy
  • Bring the yellow copy to the Office of Undergraduate Studies