The College of Arts and Sciences houses educational and research programs in the arts, humanities, social sciences, physical and biological sciences, and mathematics. Students in the college can choose a major or minor from almost 60 undergraduate programs, design their own courses of study, or enroll in integrated bachelor’s/master’s degree programs. In addition, the college offers graduate programs in several fields where small size and special expertise allow it to make a distinctive contribution to advanced education and research.

The college is organized into 21 academic departments and several interdisciplinary programs and centers, including Childhood StudiesInternational StudiesEvolutionary BiologyHistory and Philosophy of Science, and Women’s Studies. Undergraduates as well as graduate students are encouraged to conduct independent research, in their chosen fields or related ones, within the college, in other units of the university, or in nearby medical and cultural institutions. The academic experience can extend into the community in the form of service-learning projects as well as internships in research institutions, businesses, cultural institutions, and governmental agencies.

Students learn in 3D using HoloAnatomy

Having the opportunity to interact with the human body has a much different experience than watching a presentation or looking at photos in a text book. Rachel Mulheren, assistant professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences, can attest to this after a semester of utilizing Holoanatomy with HoloLens to teach the students in her Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing (COSI325) class.

Thrity Umrigar releases ninth novel, Honor

Inspired by stories written by Ellen Barry in The New York Times that covered the conditions of women in rural India, Umrigar tells the tale of Smita and Meena, two Indian women with different stories whose paths cross in an unconventional way in her ninth novel, Honor.

Meet Department of Physics Michelson Postdoctoral Prize winner Thibault Sohier

In late November, the Department of Physics hosted their 2020 winner of the Michelson Postdoctoral Prize, Thibault Sohier. Sohier was recognized for his contributions to the theory of two dimensional materials, notably for his studies of electron-phonon interaction and electron transport. 

Meet Associate Dean Carlos E. Crespo-Hernández

In 2007, Carlos E. Crespo-Hernández, associate dean for research and professor in the Department of Chemistry, moved from Puerto Rico to Cleveland to pursue the role of assistant professor of chemistry at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU).


The latest issue of art/sci magazine features a profile of Cassi Pittman Claytor, a sociologist whose work provides a nuanced portrayal of the Black middle class. The issue also honors the late mathematician Elizabeth Meckes, an extraordinary researcher, teacher and colleague; art historian Maggie Popkin, winner of a 2021 Rome Prize; and biologist Yolanda Fortenberry, recipient of a Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research Award.

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